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Literature Review of Secure Coding

Introduction 🔗As humanity progresses through the information age, the focus on digital technology and its applications increase. These tools now play a large part in how cultures, economies and societies operate – facilitated through the internet via billions of network requests/responses everyday. Whether banking, searching, messaging, or virtually anything else, software is instrumental in how these applications can operate. Given how much network-enabled software pervades our day-to-day lives, the discussion of security for these tools naturally surfaces.

Should Google have dissolved its AI ethics board?

Google’s AI advisory council has been dissolved, due to many issues that had arisen during its conception. Delving into the landscape of global AI ethics, contested ethical issues in AI, and what experts think, this paper determines why this decision was not correct, and gives recommendations on what steps should follow for Google. To determine this answer, research was conducted via existing AI ethics literature, insitutional ethical guidelines, and expert opinions.